torsdag 8 mars 2012

Saturday's Heroes - Backyard Troubadour

 Saturday's Heroes - "Backyard Troubadour"
2012, EP / Digital, Bandworm

Saxat från Bandworm Mailorder;
"Three new and exclusive cuts by the Swedish Youngsters. So catchy. So goddam catchy! Finest Boston Punk Rock like STREET DOGS, DROPKICK MURPHY'S, BLUE BLOODS or late BRUISERS, topped with sugar-sweet PERKELE/VANILLA MUFFINS melodies and some Westcoast Punk influences (GENERATORS etc.). Repeat: So catchy! It's the good old anthemic Singalong stuff, rebellious, unbeatable and angry, with a tasty smooth edge. Two own Streetpunk gems and a ragin' DKM cover ("Get up"). For all you Bostonions, heavy boozers and U.S. Streetpunk adicts out there. Take it! Limited one-time pressing of 150 black-hearted copies. Comes with free band patch & digital download code. BANDWORM 2012)"

Kan jag beskriva det bättre själv?
Äntligen ett svenskt band som låter så sjukt fett bra, som har allt jag gillar, influenser från mina favoritband. Tyvärr risker jag att spela sönder Saturday´s Heroes EPn men då hoppas jag på fullängdaren.

Ahoy, set sail, Oi! Oi! bring rum & beer!


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