lördag 12 maj 2012


Turbonegro are EXTREMELY thrilled to announce that they will play in Hamburg at the WTJT8 (The World Turbojugend Days) on Friday July 20st at KNUST.
The WTJT is an annual gathering of Turbojugend in Hamburg each summer and is a grand celebration of Turbonegro, punk rock and rock&roll and the worldwide brotherhood of beer and denim and good-times in general.
Turbonegro reformed at the WTJT last year, the first show ever with singer Tony Sylvester AKA The Duke Of Nothing, who himself founded the legendary Turbojugend London chapter in 1998 together with the late Richie Crimewave, who Turbonegro dedicated their "Party Animals" album to.
"As a chapter president of Turbojugend for one and a half decade it means so much to play for my brethren for the second year in a row", says Sylvester, who goes by the TJ name Cesar Antonius.
The much-anticipated first album with the new line-up will hit the streets June 13.

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