torsdag 12 april 2012

Punk Outlaw Records

Gillar ni Punk från Sydamerika & Västindien? Spana då in Punk Outlaw Records.

Massa band jag aldrig hört talas om men jävligt bra rakt igenom
Allt ifrån Rockabilly, Hardcore till Punk.

 “Our goal is to get good punk music out to a new audience that would appreciate this style of music and to give talented musicians much needed exposure outside of their home countries” States Rose, Founder of Punk Outlaw Records. “If we sell music for the artists, that’s awesome as well, because that will help the label, the artists and the movement. But our primary goal is to help spread the message of punk irregardless of commerce. We try to run the label more like a cooperative, where everyone can share in the benefits as well as the work involved in making this happen.”


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